Fast forward to the mid 2010’s ...

After years of scrambling trying to validate myself, until one day it hit me. It hit me real hard.  

Nikisha Riley from Urban Bush Babes, ( a dope online blog that I stumbled across around 2012 or 2013 ) wrote this article on “30 things I learned on my way to 30!”

A few main points hit me right to the core, especially number 9 “True Beauty”. It was after reading that I was inspired to really accept me as me and not wishing I was this imaginary person that fit the bill in the looks department. Nope! I threw her out!

I wish I can thank Nikisha because she had no idea how much that article impacted me. And how it still impacts me to this day, 

Tall and skinny, that was me growing up. I self doubted myself and looked for answers and validation from all the wrong people while still being my own leader. Ok, so how could I be my own leader while wanting the validation from others?

If I didn't like something or agree with something, I stood my ground.

Music that seemed different than what my peers listened to and when they questioned it, I had no problem letting you, “ yes, I’m listening to Madonna’s Ray of light and album and it is fire.” Period.

However, it was my looks, that I was seeking validation. Once I read Nikisha’s article, for the first time I felt like a butterfly that blossomed. I started to like myself, flaws and all.

Those feelings are what inspired me to come up with my first T-shirt design “Validaton not Needed” along with the "Yeah ... she fly" T-shirts. 

I know I was not the only one feeling like this and I thank you so for all the responses! I know I was not the only one feeling the same way. 

Alivia from @ittybittyreina on Instagram could relate in a similar manner.



Alivia is a fashionista, model and actress and is building a dope community!

Check it out what Alivia says about her struggle with self acceptance, tips on styling your tees and what she has going on this month in March!

So Alivia, what made you realize that you wanted to become a model?

“I never really wanted to be a model because I didn't think I was tall or pretty enough but it wasn’t until the day someone else told me I could never model that I decided to prove them wrong and show that I was special too.”

I can so identify with not feeling pretty enough and I’m so glad that you proved that person wrong! What’s one tip on how you style your T shirts that you can share?

“Pair your favorite T-shirt with a blazer and you automatically have a fun businesses casual look.”

Loves it. 

Want more style tips on how to effortlessly wear your T-shirts and Sweatshirts?


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