Cute outfits, festivals, long days, feel good weather, cookouts, these are some of the things I love about the summer. The summer slow down.

One thing that I love is seeing woman where there tees in creative and fun ways. What better way to get creative in the summer months.


Get the look! 


Do you get stuck trying to find creative ways to rock out your tees? I know I used to.

I always say there make your tees as original as yourself! This especially goes for my tomboy chic chicas who are reading this xoxo

Well chica, look no further. Meet Angelina from BluePrintDIY!! Get the goods on how Angelina can help you get chic creative looks with your tees this summer on her youtube channel! Check out the interview below.


Grab your tee here!

Angelina, I love your youtube videos! You make them so effortlessly. What made you realize you wanted to become a conscious fashion designer?

It came natural to me as a sustainable architect. My favorite architectural projects are those that start with an old beat up building that I can make useful again.  When I started thrifting, the clothes spoke to me just like the old buildings.


How do you think fashion can boost our confidence?

For me fashion is self care... it's me taking care of me.  I'm not a model.  No one else is going to dress me up, but when I dress myself up I feel like a model.


Angelina, what’s one secret tip on how to style your sweatshirts or t-shirts?

T-shirts and sweatshirts should be interesting.  If you have a good statement tee, you can wear it with anything.


I agree! What promos, events do you have coming up?

Please check out my website for amazing upcycle inspiration and free tutorials.  It's  You wouldn't believe what a little creativity can do for your wardrobe.


Awesome. Please check out and check out Angelina rocking out Zeina Blue's "Focus" tee with her up cycled bell bottoms!

Till next time chica!

Tori xoxo




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