More so than ever, we live in a "Validation" based society. 

People want validation from people like never before! 

Whether it be a pic posted on IG, an idea, the way someone looks, everybody needs validation to feel good about themselves. If a girl or woman feels like they don't look like a IG model or she feels that she is not pretty or good enough, she feels unaccepted. This can weigh heavy on your self esteem. Trust, I use to be that girl. 

Before the age of social media, I wanted to have a particular look from images that I saw in magazines and other media such as music videos and tv programs. This was my distorted view of what I thought beauty was. I would draw sketches of woman models from Vogue and Elle magazines and thought that was the only standard of what beauty was. Well, I'm happy I smartened up over the years and I can honestly say I'm more confidant and content in my own skin than ever before. It was a long road in the making before I came to my own terms and still need reminders at times.  

So I'm here to tell you otherwise. Be your own beautiful! Start by validating yourself!

Chicas, if you have chubby cheeks, embrace and love them! My wide nose that I hated, I'm like "Whatever!" it fits my place perfectly. Embrace your perfectly perfected moles on your face that you can't stand while others tell you how it makes you unique. Love it and embrace it!


Model Image: Curated by Kim Carpenter 






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