Yeah. This is what was said about me while growing up in my early teens either directly or indirectly ( behind my back ).     


These words did hurt me and I took offense. But as I grew up, I realized the people who said these things about me truly didn't know me but at the same time, I only allowed them to see this side of me.


It didn't help that I already had low confidence about myself so these words stung even deeper. Yeah, at times I was quiet but that was because I was either observing my social environment or I just did not feel totally comfortable to vibe with you yet. Nothing against anyone but that's just how I am made. You feel me? Join your tribe!

If you read January's blog, you’ll understand! 

Growing up I never knew how to express myself but I would allow fashion and music to do it for me. I’ve grown to have such an eclectic taste that I now appreciate it. These experiences, my DNA, all makes me who I am. And I love that about myself!

Self acceptance is a wonderful thing.

That’s part of my story (more to come next month!)

When Rasheena Liberte’ from @layerednliberte on Instagram agreed to collab on this blog, I was so honored! I totally resonated with how Rasheena did not have her voice and used style to be that voice for her.


So Without further delay, lets welcome Mount Vernon's fashion stylist, Rasheena Liberte’!

So Rasheena, what made you realize that you wanted to become a fashion stylist?

       I have always loved fashion because of the extensive layers of expression. Fashion has no rules (well, that’s debatable), let’s say personal style is limitless. As a young girl, I struggled with using my voice to express myself authentically. I utilized fashion as my translator, allowing it to communicate for me as I journeyed to find my true voice.

     Along this process, friends and family often requested my assistance for style improvement and advice. Although apprehensive at first, once I got my feet wet, I automatically knew that I wanted to transform lives by journeying with others to find their expressive style. I’m also a creative being, so once I submerged myself into fashion styling, I really enjoyed creating artistic stories using clothing and that’s how I knew I was here to stay.

What’s one secret tip on how to style your sweatshirts or t-shirts that our audience can implement?

       One Secret I have for styling Sweatshirts is to go 1-2 sizes up. I say this because you want versatility and multiple wears out of your pieces; by sizing up you can get a dress, a crop top and a sweatshirt! Also, another secret tip; play around with layers such as blouses, turtlenecks and jackets to maximize your outfit options!

 What promos, event, etc you have coming up? (anything that you would like to promote)

       Come out and Plan with women on the same journey as you. I will be hosting a Vision Board Event and speaking to the participants about the power of planning and manifesting their dreams!


Thank you so much Rasheena! If you have not already make sure to follow Rasheena at @layerednliberte’ on Instagram and subscribe and follow on youtube, LayeredNLiberteTV


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Thanks for reading chica! Till next time ...

Zeina Blue



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